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grey goose rating

That is a matter of opinion, yet if you're looking for a quality vodka that is reliable and at a decent price, then Grey Goose is an excellent option. Buy Grey Goose Vodka online. Read spirit ratings /reviews for our Vodka - Wheat category. Tell us what you think of Grey Goose Vodka. Review. Summary. Rating: None. Submit. Saving Also from Grey Goose Branded Vodka Distillery. • Grey Goose. The smirnoff though I was stunned, I drank it before but never as a shot, I usually drink cocktails with so many parts to them dont really matter what you use just too much going one. Alternatively combine larger amounts in same ratio merkur onli a punch bowl with ice for larger groups. While not a terrible vodka, the taste is more along the lines of a middle-shelfer vodka that, due to the France reference, got placed on the top shelf without any real merit. Please enter a valid email address. Carey Holzman This is my favorite vodka. Then it gets more bitter. Amazon Web Services Scalable Cloud Computing Services.


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